A Deck of Playing Cards with Sexy Ladies


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Sexy Lady Playing Cards make a perfect deck of cards for your bachelor party card games. Each card features a different scantily clad sexy lady! What could be better?

Hot Facts

  • 54 card deck
  • Cards measure 5" x 3.25"
  • Featuring sexy ladies

Item Description

Here at Bachelorette.com, we’ve been selling Naked Guy Playing Cards for years, and they’ve always been a best-seller. Turns out people really like looking at naked people while they play card games. Who would’ve thunk it? But lately we’ve been thinking, it’s a bit unfair to only provide a pack of penises to peep at while you play poker, don’t you think? They’re great for girls and gay guys, but how are all the straight men supposed to get their fix of tits while they take tricks?

For years and years we searched for a deck of playing cards featuring sexy ladies - truly, one of the most noble quests ever undertaken by humanity - and now, at long last, we’ve found it, and restored equality and order to the tumultuous world of pornographic playing cards. These Sexy Lady Playing Cards each feature a different woman in various states of undress. They also list the stats of the woman’s physical features, along with some other information, but it’s written in Chinese, so we’re not really sure what it’s saying. Maybe it’s listing their favorite card games? (We doubt it).

This is a standard 54-card deck of playing cards, including two jokers. The cards are a bit bigger than the standard playing card size - the cards measure approximately 5 inches by 3.25 inches - but we have a feeling nobody’s going to complain about the bigger boobs and butts.

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