The Bachelorette Party Pledge - Free Download!

Executive Summary

Click here to download our free bachelorette party pledge.

Quick Facts

  • The Bachelorette Party Pledge
  • An oath to have fun on her last night out

Party Pledge Download

Are you looking to create a little unity at the bachelorette party? I bet you are. Sometimes it is tough to get everyone to behave as friends, but I think a bachelorette party warrants it.

This Bachelorette Party Pledge will get everyone on the same page and will encourage light, fun behavior.

You are free to download the pledge and print it out. At the bachelorette party you can have everyone sign it.

Click here to download our free bachelorette party pledge. The Bachelorette Party Pledge ensures that each guest adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Honor the bride-to-be by getting her a cocktail of her choice.

  • I agree not to gossip, bicker or sulk. Instead I will giggle and flirt.

  • I have the phone number for a cab or sober ride home.

  • I will accept free drinks, phone numbers and silly conversation with hunky strangers.

  • I will o er the bachelorette first dibs on any hot guys.

  • I will hug and give “I love you’s” to my sisters at any time.

  • I will dance, drink, dance, and then I will repeat.

  • Karaoke, Sing-A-Longs, Hairbrushes for Microphones. You name it, I will sing it.

  • Calories eaten during a bachelorette party do not count. We will dance them off .

  • I will not call my husband or boyfriend during the festivities.

  • Most importantly I agree to keep the contents of the Bachelorette Party secret from any husbands, boyfriends, or potential snitches. If anyone asks, we drank wine and talked about the wedding plans.

Click here to download our free bachelorette party pledge.