Team Bride Ribbons

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Award everyone for their hard work helping the bride. Give the bride-to-be a girls night out she'll never forget with help from

Hot Facts

  • Team Bride Ribbons
  • 6 pink Team Bride Ribbons
  • 1 large Bride Ribbon

Item Description

GO TEAM BRIDE! The Team Bride Ribbons are the perfect accessory for any festive bachelorette party or bridal shower. In the traditional colors of pink and white, these Team Bride Ribbons really stand out. Reward the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids for being such good sports throughout the wedding planning!

The Team Bride Ribbons come with six small pink ribbons for the bride's "team" and one large white ribbon to distinguish the bride herself. This is a cute set that can be worn anywhere: to the salon, to the bachelorette party, to the bridal shower, to the bar and beyond.

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