Wacky Willy Napkins - 10

FaveIf You Were a Willy ... Wacky Penis Trivia Napkins
If You Were a Willy ... Wacky Penis Trivia Napkins  
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If You Were a Willy ... Wacky Penis Trivia Napkins   
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The Wacky Willy Napkins are some of our favorite napkins. Besides being useful, they make a great decoration, and an even better game that will have the guests in hysterics.
  • Wacky Willy Napkins
  • Wild-printed penis napkins
  • With a fun, ridiculous game

  • Oh, penises. Bachelorette party stuff is covered in penises. It's like men realized that women wanted one night out to themselves, and had to somehow become part of it. Sometimes, I must admit, I get a little jaded about all the cartoon penises I encounter at this job ... it's just one of the hazards I have to accept. Poor me!

    That's why I get so excited when I see cartoon penises that go above and beyond the call of duty. The Wacky Willy Napkins are covered with those kinds of penises: there are fat penises, penises that hold ice cream cones, clown penises, muscle man penises, pierced penises and more. These penises have expressive faces that make them downright bizarre, and I love them!

    These pink and green napkins have discussion starters on the back, which makes them extra cool. They are great questions for old friends to answer, or guests who are meeting for the first time. Get the conversations rolling with questions like, "If you were a willy, how big would you be?" and "If you were a willy, what would your secret talent be?" There are 20 questions for your deep contemplation.

    10 napkins.

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