Wacky Willy Bachelorette Party Cups - 10

Wacky Willy Cups - 10
Wacky Willy Cups - 10  
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Wacky Willy Cups - 10   Wacky Willy Cups - 10   
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The Wacky Willy Cups are some of our favorite cups. Besides being useful, they make a great decoration, and keep your party guests entertained.
  • Wacky Willy Cups
  • Wild-printed penis cups

  • Oh, penises. Bachelorette party stuff is covered in penises. It's like men realized that women wanted one night out to themselves, and had to somehow become part of it. Sometimes, I must admit, I get a little jaded about all the cartoon penises I encounter at this job ... it's just one of the hazards I have to accept. Poor me!

    That's why I get so excited when I see cartoon penises that go above and beyond the call of duty. The Wacky Willy Cups are covered with those kinds of penises: there are fat penises, penises that hold ice cream cones, clown penises, muscle man penises, pierced penises and more. These penises have expressive faces that make them downright bizarre, and I love them!

    These bachelorette party cups are small, perfect for a serving of punch, soda or a mixed drink.

    10 cups per package.

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