White Dicky Dining Utensils - Clearance!

White Dicky Dining Utensils - Clearance!
White Dicky Dining Utensils - Clearance!  
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Bachelorette: $2.99
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White Dicky Dining Utensils - Clearance!   
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Dine in true bachelorette party style with the White Dicky Dining Utensils. These utensils come with eight place settings, and features forks, knives and spoons—all with penises as handles, of course. Manhandle your utensils as you eat, and dine like you never have before.

The White Dicky Dining Set lets you dig into your bachelorette party fare with twitterpated abandon.

The White Dicky Dining Set features 8 sturdy forks, knives and spoons. These white bachelorette party utensils are simple, with just a slight penis embellishment on the tip of each piece of plasticware.

Devour your cake or pizza in true bachelorette party style.

8 sets of plasticware.

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