Which Bachelorette Party Doll Should You Buy?

Which Bachelorette Party Doll Should You Buy?  
Our Bachelorette Party Blow-Up Doll Comparison

Which bachelorette party doll is for you? Bachelorette.com's guide to inflatable dude dolls for bachelorette parties.

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  • Which ones will stand up to a beating?
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  • Which Bachelorette Party Doll Should You Buy?

    Which blow up doll should you buy for the bachelorette party? That is a question the experts at Bachelorette.com can help you answer. Unlike other stores that never take their merchandise out of the box, we opened one of each inflatable toy and blew them all up. Our goal was to find you the perfect inflatable doll for your bachelorette party. I suppose there is no correct answer to which blow up bachelorette party doll is the best so we will create a list of what we like and what we don't like. In the end, you should be able to find the perfect blow up doll for your friend.

    Here at Bachelorette.com we are not short of opinions and we don't always like every product that we see. Here are our honest opinions.

    Our Favorite Products:

    Captain Pecker - The 6 Foot Inflatable Penis. This is our true favorite. We like it so much that we always make sure to have it on sale. We like the 6 foot inflatable penis because it's very, very large, not too expensive, and it really looks like a big inflatable penis. The Captain Pecker even comes with a separate chamber at the bottom that you fill with sand or water so that it stands up. So, if you are looking for a great, inflatable bachelorette party doll, you will do well with the Captain Pecker.

    Big Joe Doll - The Raunchiest Bachelorette Party Doll. Most bachelorette parties aren't white wine and finger sandwiches. If your crowd is more the type that is craving hot dogs and sausages then Big John is for you. He has a big, dildo-style penis. He may be a bit ugly in the face, but when you are packing your pants like Big John, the ladies won't seem to mind much.

    Harry The Cheap Date Doll. Our unique purchasing power can bring you a very inexpensive inflatable man. Harry is the cheapest date you could ever want.

    Peter Pecker Doll. Peter Pecker might not look like anything special, but he does have one distinct advantage over all the competition. His face might not exactly be Clooney-esque, his chest might be flabby, but he excels in the one area where it really counts with male blow up dolls (or males in general). Yes, weighing in at a massive twelve inches, Peter Pecker's namesake is the largest of all the blowup dolls we sell.

    Products That We Think Are Just OK:

    The Big Joe Inflatable Male Doll. The Big Joe doll is actually a good 4-6 inches taller than all of the other inflatable guy dolls. That puts him about 5 foot 10 inches tall. He has a big penis which is cool, but he has a wide open mouth that you know some creepy dudes out there are using to stick their own willy into. That makes me a little queasy.

    Guido Inflatable Love Doll. There's nothing really impressive about the doll itself (it doesn't look any more like a guido than any other doll we sell), but the packaging alone might be worth it if your friend has a thing for Italian Stallions, or if her favorite TV show is Jersey Shore. We stopped selling this doll because it wasn't very good.

    Products That We Would Pass On:

    The Inflatable Black Guy Doll. This one is a little disappointing. Instead of a big, black dildo this inflatable doll just has an inflatable penis. That's not as much fun.

    The John "No Holes" Doll. Similar to the Harry doll (above) but more expensive and it has an oddly shaped head. I don't think so. We stopped selling this doll because it wasn't very good.

    Construction Man Blowup Doll. Just look at him. That creepily uncanny face. That gaping mouth. That pubic hair, weirdly suggestive of some kind of extraterrestrial venereal disease. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. We stopped selling this doll because it wasn't very good.

    Captain Pecker - 6' Blow Up Penis
    Regular Price: $32.99
    Sale Price: $19.99
    The Big Joe Blowup Doll Is A Total Man-Whore
    Regular Price: $54.99
    Sale Price: $39.99
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