What You Will Need:

Pen or Marker
A list of duds and one hunk (the hunk can be the groom's name).

Since Cheryl and I aren't playing this game for real, she picked Brad Pitt as her pretend groom. I picked Bill Gates as a big dud. I made his name into a little heart just for fun.

Use one balloon for each guest, adding a few extras just to see who will be greedy enough to pop more than one. Put either a picture and/or description of a man inside the balloon. After the balloons have been blown up, toss them around the room.

If you can't think of names of enough duds, you can use descriptive qualities, like: Geezer, Smelly, Impotent, Puny, Nerd, Dork, Dud, Control Freak, Messy, Skid Marks, Horndog, or Bossy.

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