Wedding Absurd Comparisons Game

Absurd Comparisons - Wedding Edition
Absurd Comparisons - Wedding Edition  
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Absurd Comparisons - Wedding Edition   
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The Absurd Wedding Comparisons Game is great for bachelorette parties or wedding showers. Get it at, where we help you plan the most memorable bachelorette parties.
  • Absurd Comparisons - Wedding Edition
  • A funny game of absurd questions and answers
  • Great for a house party

  • Planning a house party for the bachelorette party? Then you'll want some games and party activities! The wedding edition of Absurd Comparisons is a silly party game that includes questions and fill-in-the-blank statements. You'll answer the questions and fill in the blanks with your hand of cards. Pick the best (or craziest) answer from your hand to answer the question. The best answer wins!

    This edition of Absurd Comparisons is wedding themed, so it's all about weddings.

    Examples of the questions you'll be answering:

    The first player that gets drunk tonight has to ________________________________.
    How do you get people to stop crying at your wedding? When I found out the bride was getting married, I _____________________________.

    Examples of cards you'll have to answer the questions:

    Jump out of the cake wearing wedding tassels.
    Dirty dance with the minister.
    Bite the head of the groom wedding topper.

    As you can see, answering with these absurd answers will get the whole group laughing! This game is funny, but not too dirty, so you can play it with most bachelorette party guests.

    Includes: 96 absurd questions, 107 absurd answers, 1 diamond-shaped eight-sided die, and 1 rule card.

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