A Bachelorette Centerpiece That Doubles as a Game

Wacky Willy Truth or Dare Centerpiece
Wacky Willy Truth or Dare Centerpiece  
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Wacky Willy Truth or Dare Centerpiece   
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You can never have enough games at bachelorette parties. This penis centerpiece doubles as a truth or dare game. Get it from the party planners at Bachelorette.com.
  • Wacky Willy Truth or Dare Centerpiece
  • A penis centerpiece
  • With truth and dare games

  • Bachelorette.com loves the Wacky Willy Truth or Dare Centerpiece because it not only decorates your table, it gives your guests the option of playing truth or dare as well. Set this centerpiece up on your table at the bar or at home (while the dares are best played out at the bar, the truth questions work anywhere). Spin the spinner and see what wacky things the bachelorette party guests do and say!

    This pink and green centerpiece features a happy, smiley penis. He will preside over the night's activities. Our favorite part of the Wacky Willy Truth or Dare Centerpiece are the truths. They ask things like, "If you were a willy, how long would you last?" and "If you were a willy, what actor would get you excited?"

    The only drawbacks to this centerpiece: It is a little hard to put together. It comes flat packed, and it takes a little finesse to get the base to fan out evenly. As you can see, ours ended up a little bit like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The included spinner only spins on one side, so you have to pop it out and reinsert it between truths and dares. It has some design issues, but we really like the games, so we still recommend it.

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