The Dong Beer Bong

FaveA Penis-Shaped Beer Bong  - The Dong Bong
A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong  - The Dong Bong  
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A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong  - The Dong Bong   A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong  - The Dong Bong   
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The Dong Bong is a beer bong you can suck from all night. Have deliver The Dong Bong right to your door with our private shipping methods.
  • The Dong Bong
  • A penis-shaped beer bong

  • Looking to surprise your bachelorette and party guests with something totally wild? Well put down those needles and thread and stop making that giant penis quilt. Nothing against your knitting skills, but quilts aren't exactly the height of bachelorette party craziness like they used to be. We've got something better for you.

    The Dong Bong is an ingenious invention that will have your guests begging to knock back beer after beer. Your guests will feel like they're in college again, downing beer bong after beer bong like nobody's business. Of course, they probably never did a beer bong quite like this one before, unless they went to a way more fun college than I did.

    The Dong Bong is a beer bong just like any other—only the beer shoots into your mouth by way of a giant flesh toned penis. The Dong Bong will make your party memorable. Or maybe you won't remember it at all. That's entirely possible. The Dong Bong is wanted in five states for causing lots of blackouts, and even more fun.

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