The Accomodator Chin Dildo

The Accomodator
The Accomodator   
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The Accomodator    The Accomodator    The Accomodator    The Accomodator    
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Get her the gag gift your friends will be talking about for years: The Accomodator. Get this strap-on chin dildo at
  • The most ridiculous dildo you've ever seen
  • The Accomodator
  • Fits around your chin

  • Looking for the most outrageous gag gift possible? Make your party hilarious and memorable with The Accomodator, a ridiculous strap-on chin dildo.

    Imagine your friend's surprise as he rips open the wrapping paper and finds ... The Accomodator. This thing is so embarrassing, they couldn't even get a real person to model it for the box photo. Get your party goers drunk enough and someone's bound to try the Accomodator out for size. Don't forget the camera!

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