The Stretchy Penis Pen

The Pecker Pen - Delightfully Stretchy
The Pecker Pen - Delightfully Stretchy  
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The Pecker Pen - Delightfully Stretchy   The Pecker Pen - Delightfully Stretchy   The Pecker Pen - Delightfully Stretchy   The Pecker Pen - Delightfully Stretchy   
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Get a couple of pecker pens—they're a useful toy for your party. Plan the best bachelorette party with help from the experts at
  • Pecker Pen
  • Fun to play with
  • Really writes

  • The Pecker Pen is so delightfully revolting, you must have one. Remember things you played with as a kid, like Gak or those stretchy, gooey spiders that came out of coin machines? The Pecker Pen is a regular pen with a squishy penis attached, and the penis part is made out of a horrifyingly fun material. It squeezes, it stretches, it makes weird little noises ... and snaps back into place. The bachelorette party guests will love playing with it, so get a couple.

    Use the Squishy Penis Pen when you play games, make lists, or draw on the passed out bachelorette's face at the bachelorette party.

    One pen per order.

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