A Silicone Pecker Cake Pan

Medium Silicone Penis Cake Pan
Medium Silicone Penis Cake Pan  
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Medium Silicone Penis Cake Pan   Medium Silicone Penis Cake Pan   
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Silicone cake pans are nice because the cake will bake evenly and come out of the pan easily. Get one from Bachelorette.com, where we carry every supply you need to make the perfect cake.
  • Silicone Penis Cake Pan
  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 5.5" x 3"
  • For a perfect penis cake

  • Penis cake!! It's the best. It combines penis and dessert in the most delightful of ways. I mean, you could cover a penis in chocolate, but then you'd be left with a real, horny penis.

    When you make a penis cake, you get to shock and delight the bachelorette. You also get to cut into a penis. THEN you get to eat delicious cake. There are just so many wins in this situation.

    This size penis cake pan will take about half a box of cake mix. You can use the rest of the batter to make cupcakes. You can draw penises with frosting on those cupcakes, so they don't miss out on any of the phallic fun.

    1 Silicone Pecker Cake Pan.

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