Rose-Colored Bride to Be Glasses

Rose-Colored Bride to Be Glasses
Rose-Colored Bride to Be Glasses  
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Rose-Colored Bride to Be Glasses   Rose-Colored Bride to Be Glasses   
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Your Bride-to-Be won't be able to help looking at the world through rose-colored glasses when she puts these on! sells hundreds of items like these to help you have a great bachelorette party.
  • Rose-Colored Bride to Be Glasses
  • Cute and trendy
  • A great accessory for the bachelorette

  • Have you ever heard the phrase “Looking through rose-colored glasses?” It means that when you think about something, all you can see are the positive aspects of it. Well, we’re pretty sure these are exactly the glasses people are talking about when they say that. Because when the bride-to-be wears these at her bachelorette party, bridal shower, or wedding reception, she won’t be able to see anything but fun times ahead!

    The Rose-Colored Bride to Be Glasses are a stylish pair of durable plastic sunglasses with pink-tinted lenses. They also feature the words “Bride To Be” in elegant bejeweled letters across the top, and a diamond shape coming out the side of one of the frames, making it look like a magnificent wedding ring. Whether the bachelorette wears these at a bachelorette party out on the town, a private rehearsal dinner, or the reception after the wedding, they’ll be sure to help her see the brightest side of everything all day and night. She might even want to wear them at the wedding itself, so she can ignore all the stresses of that busy day and focus on the magic!

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