Realistic Dick Plates - 8 Dessert/Snack Plates

RiDICKulously Realistic Penis Plates - 8
RiDICKulously Realistic Penis Plates - 8  
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RiDICKulously Realistic Penis Plates - 8   RiDICKulously Realistic Penis Plates - 8   RiDICKulously Realistic Penis Plates - 8   
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The Ri-dick-ulous Penis Plates are some of our favorites. Get these printed paper plates for the bachelorette party, from the party planning experts at
  • Dick-A-Dot Plates
  • Plates covered with realistic penises
  • Eight plates

  • I can't really even begin to tell you how much I love the Realistic Dick Plates. As a seasoned writer for, I see a lot of crap with penises on it. Like, so many things. The joke is dead to me. I am no longer excited by your run-of-the-mill penis lollipop or penis gummy. HOWEVER. The Realistic Dick Plates are So. Much. Fun.

    Click to enlarge the photo and you'll see just how cool these penis plates are. They are bright and colorful, and covered with little drawings of real penises. I mean, so many real penises. All flaccid, all hairy, all colors, and all with balls. I dare say that these penises are cute, all limp and protruding from tufts of pubic hair.

    The Realistic Penis Plates will be a hit at your party. Even if you throw a basic bachelorette party, without a lot of decorations or frills, sneaking in a snack plate like this will be talked about for years to come.

    These colorful polka-dot plates give a new breath of life to your basic polka-dot. These are dick-a-dot plates. And they are glorious.

    8 snack plates.

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