Box of Six Rainbow Pecker Pops

Rainbow Pecker Pops - 6 Pack
Rainbow Pecker Pops - 6 Pack  
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Rainbow Pecker Pops - 6 Pack   Rainbow Pecker Pops - 6 Pack   
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When one Rainbow Pecker Pop just isn't enough, now you can buy a whole pack of 6 of them! Your guests will love munching on these tasty rainbow peckers at your bachelorette party.
  • Rainbow and penis-shaped
  • Tasty and fruit-flavored
  • 6 per pack

  • Like a universally-appreciated work of art or a song that everyone just canít help singing along to, some things radiate a self-evident magnificence that needs no explanation. What can we say about the Rainbow Pecker Pop that you canít figure out just by looking at it? Itís rainbow. Itís penis-shaped. Itís delicious. What more do you need?

    If youíre looking to add a little color to your bachelorette party, or add a little dick, or just give the guests something tasty to snack on, the Rainbow Pecker Pop is precisely what youíre looking for. Itís roughly one and a half inches long, which may seem small for a penis, but trust us, thatís the perfect size for a penis-shaped lollipop. But donít take our word for it. Grab a pack of Rainbow Pecker Pops for your bachelorette party and let these magnificent works of art speak for themselves.

    And hey, whatís the only thing better than a Rainbow Pecker Pop? How about enough Rainbow Pecker Pops for everyone at the party! This box comes with six Rainbow Pecker Pops, so everyone can have a chance to appreciate their beauty and deliciousness. Planning to have more than 6 people at your party? For this affordable price, you can order a few boxes, and you certainly wonít need to worry about them going to waste - once the girls try one, theyíll be clamoring to get their hands all over these tasty rainbow penises!

    6 Rainbow Pecker Pops.

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