Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker

Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker
Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker  
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Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker   Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker   Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker   
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The Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker truly lives up to the "Jumbo" in its name! This is one of the biggest penises - er, penis-shaped gummies - we've ever seen!
  • Sweet and sour fruity flavored
  • 9 inches long
  • 9.3 oz

  • There comes a time in every personís life when you become aware of certain realities of human anatomy. Hair doesnít always grow where you want it to, and often grows where you donít. It might not be impossible to lick your elbow, but itís way too much effort to be worth trying. Not all gummy penises are created equal; some are much, much larger than others.

    That last one is an especially important lesson to learn. It will come as a great disappointment for many men, when they realize there are gummy penises out there that are so much bigger than their own gummy penises. For women, it can be a source of inspiration, as they make it a personal mission to seek out and record the biggest gummy penis they can find, in the name of science.

    Well, for many of you reading this today, that lifelong quest is finally over; youíve found it. The Rainbow Jumbo Gummy Pecker is a truly prodigious pecker, and just might be one of the biggest gummy penises in the world. It measures a whopping 9 inches long with the stick (and an impressive 6 without it), with over an inch and a half diameter of girth. It also weighs in at nearly 10 massive ounces of man-meat (or man-gummy, as the case may be). Truly, this is not a gummy penis for the faint of heart, but gummy size queens will find all their desires satisfied by this hefty sweet-and-sour fruity treat. As for any men reading this, well... sorry for making you feel insecure about your own gummy penis.

    One gummy penis sucker. Net weight 9.3 oz.

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