Rainbow Disco Ball Cup

Rainbow Disco Ball Cup
Rainbow Disco Ball Cup  
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Rainbow Disco Ball Cup   Rainbow Disco Ball Cup   
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The Rainbow Disco Ball Cup is a super fun and festive way to sip your cocktail or wine cooler at the bachelorette party!
  • Comes with a straw
  • Easy screw-off lid
  • Holds 12 oz.

  • Bachelorette parties can be a lot of things - wild nights out or memorable nights in; raunchy celebrations with strippers and penis cake or innocent gatherings with trivia games and martinis - but no matter what, they are always one thing above all else: PARTIES! So, itís important that you have something to drink out of that really screams party. And if you ask us, nothing screams party like a Rainbow Disco Ball Cup. Rainbows, discos, and alcohol... thatís all the ingredients you need for a perfect party, right there.

    While most of items are specifically designed to be either classy or raunchy, the Rainbow Disco Ball Cup makes a great beverage container for any type of party, whether the theme is naughty or nice. Think about it: do you know anyone who wouldnít love to sip their drink out of a shining multicolored disco ball? Didnít think so. Best of all, it doesnít just work great for bachelorette parties; itís the perfect receptacle for any occasion - so whether you just get one for the bachelorette or one for each of the guests, theyíll be able to use it over and over again for years to come!

    The top of the Rainbow DIsco Ball Cup screws off easily so you can fill it, and a straw to drink through is included. Holds 12 oz.

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