The Perfect Candles for Your Bachelorette's Cake!

Queen 4 The Day Candles
Queen 4 The Day Candles  
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Queen 4 The Day Candles   
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The Queen 4 The Day Candles are the perfect topper for any Bachelorette Party cake. Get all your cake decorating supplies for the party here at
  • Queen 4 The Day Candles
  • Fun and Colorful
  • Contains 12 Candles

  • So, you’ve baked your Bachelorette a massive penis cake glorious penis cake. You’ve decorated the top with penis sprinkles, and you’ve got a set of penis plates to serve it on. But something’s still missing: the candles! It might be overkill to make those shaped like penises too, though - there can be such thing as too many penises, as the Bachelorette is proving by settling for just one of them for the rest of her life. You don’t want to upset the delicate zen-penis balance (totally a real thing) of this cake. So what can you use to balance out all those dicks?

    These Queen 4 The Day Candles are the perfect answer to your quandary. These colorful candles spell out a message that she’s sure to resonate with the bride-to-be. After all, this party is all about her, she has every right to feel like a queen! These candles make great cake toppers for any Bachelorette Party, whether the cake is penis-shaped or not. Of course, if they’re on top of a penis cake, I guess that would make her the Queen of Penises. The Queen of Peen, if you will. Hmm...

    Contains 12 candles.

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