Princess Lay-Her Love Doll

Princess Lay-Her Doll
Princess Lay-Her Doll  
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Princess Lay-Her Doll   
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The Princess Lay-Her Love Doll makes a hilarious gag gift for any bachelor party. Just wait and see the look on his face! is your one-stop shop for bachelor party supplies.
  • Princess Lay-Her Love Doll
  • Star Wars-themed love doll
  • Makes a great gag gift

  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    Episode LXIX: A New Hoe

    It is a period of sexual war. Rebel strap-ons, striking in a hidden hole, have won their first victory against the evil Prudish Empire.

    During the bacchanal, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empireís ultimate weapon, the CHASTITY BELT, an armored restraint device with enough power to deny sex to an entire planet.

    Pursued by the Empireís sinister agents, Princess Lay-Her races home aboard her Sybian, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her orgasms and restore sexual freedom to the galaxy...

    Now, doesnít that sound like a film youíd love to watch? Unfortunately, we donít have a big movie studio budget to make it, so we canít offer you that. But what can we offer you? None other than the sexiest of space royalty herself, Princess Lay-Her. Or rather, since we donít deal in human trafficking like a certain bloated slug-like alien, we can offer you the next best thing: the Princess Lay-Her Star Whore Love Doll.

    Why would you want this space opera-themed blow-up doll? Maybe you have fond memories of a certain golden bikini scene from the early 80Ďs. Or maybe you donít want to risk getting your light saber anywhere near a real girlís sarlacc pit. We wonít judge, and neither will she. Just blow her up and let her satisfy all your nerdy fantasies. May the foreskin be with you...

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