Pin The Macho On The Man - How To Play - Step 2

Bachelorette parties are most fun when people do stupid stuff. Since you happen to be here reading this website, we figure that YOU are the person who will be making her friends perform crazy stunts at the bachelorette party. What stunts will you make them do? How about reading dirty jokes and poems? 15 of the macho man penises have a dirty poem written on them. Make your friends read the poems aloud to everyone before they begin.

My penis (the paper one, not a real penis--that would be gross) was called "chocolate thunder." It said, "Here's one for the bachelorette, full of lust and desire, she can use CHOCOLATE THUNDER to put out her fire!"

Next, blindfold your friend and spin her around 5 times or so. Aim her toward the Macho Man poster and let her go.

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