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Pink Tube Shots - 15
Pink Tube Shots - 15   
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Pink Tube Shots - 15    Pink Tube Shots - 15    Pink Tube Shots - 15    Pink Tube Shots - 15    
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Make your at-home party a blast with the Pink Tube Shots. Buy Tube Shots from Bachelorette.com and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."
  • Pink Tube Shots
  • 15 shots
  • Stand up on their own

  • If you're serving shots to lots of thirsty girls, pick up a set of the Pink Tube Shots. This set of 15 free-standing party shot glasses is inexpensive and cute. These reusable shot glasses can be filled with any shot you can think of!

    The Tube Shot glasses have flat bottoms, so you can stand them up anywhere without worrying about spills. Tube shot glasses are fun for layered shots like Astropops or Candy Corns, or even just straight liquor.

    15 shot tubes per package.

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