A Pink Sash with Black Writing

Pink and Black Bride to Be Sash
Pink and Black Bride to Be Sash  
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Pink and Black Bride to Be Sash   Pink and Black Bride to Be Sash   
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The Pink and Black Bride to Be Sash will complete your bachelorette's outfit and make her look amazing. Bachelorette.com has everything you need to make her stand out at her bachelorette party.
  • Pink and Black Bride to Be Sash
  • Goes with any outfit
  • Pink with black lettering

  • Are you worried that, when you go out for the bachelorette party, people aren’t going to know which one of you is the bride-to-be? If her attitude and the amount of alcohol she’s consuming doesn’t give it away, you might need her to wear something that makes it even more obvious. Let there be no confusion in anyone’s minds thanks to the Pink and Black Bride To Be Sash!

    The Pink and Black Bride To Be Sash is a nice, soft sash that’s easy to wear and goes with pretty much any outfit she might be wearing. The sash is a rich pink, and has the words “Bride To Be” and several hearts printed on it in black. Just like the dark letters stand out against the bright sash, this sash is sure to make your bachelorette stand out in a crowd!

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