Penis Plates, Cups and Place Settings

Super Fun Penis Plates - 8
As evidenced by this website and many others of it's ilk, the business of putting penises on everyday things, is BOOMING. Sadly this is an "in-your-face" industry with very few subtleties. If you want ...
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Super Fun Penis Napkins - 8
Super Fun Penis Napkins Brig...
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Mini Pecker Party Trays - 3 Trays for Bachelorette Party Snacks
Mini Pecker Party Trays 3 penis...
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Let’s not beat around the bush: when you think “bachelorette party supplies,” you’re really thinking “everything with little pictures of penises all over it.” We couldn’t agree more, and we’re happy to make your quest for dick-themed decorations and supplies easy for you. Here are all our penis-themed cups, plates, and napkins.

bachelorette party supplies
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