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Penis Lipstick   
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Penis Lipstick    Penis Lipstick    
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Penis Lipstick will raise eyebrows every time you apply it. Buy Penis Lipstick from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."
  • Single Penis Lipsticks
  • Buy one for your bachelorette, or for all your guests
  • Assorted colors

  • Is the bride-to-be's makeup collection getting a bit stale? Are you pretty sure she's been wearing the same blue eyeshadow and pearly peach lip gloss since 1992?

    Instantly perk up your bachelorette's outdated makeup collection with Penis Lipstick.

    Penis Lipsticks can be a perfect party favor as well. Put them in grab bags or in your Penis Pinata. Just put it on—you'll feel dirty and pretty!

    Note: We carry assorted colors of Penis Lipstick, and you will get one randomly.

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