Penis Sprinkles

Penis Cake Sprinkles
Penis Cake Sprinkles  
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Penis Cake Sprinkles   Penis Cake Sprinkles   Penis Cake Sprinkles   Penis Cake Sprinkles   
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The Pecker Cake Sprinkles are tasty, mulitcolored penises that will brighten up your bachelorette party cake. Plan your naughty bachelorette party with -- we won't tell a soul!
  • Pecker Cake Sprinkles
  • Teeny tiny penis sprinkles
  • Enough to cover a cake

  • The Penis Cake Sprinkles are tasty candies that you can sprinkle anywhere—on cupcakes, on a cake or over ice cream. Or you could sprinkle them on a steak, or fill tacos with them, or throw them in the pot next time you're making chili. We wouldn't really recommend any of those last three options. But we wanted you to know that we really mean it when we say you can sprinkle them anywhere, to give anything a raunchy flair.

    These tasty, penis-shaped sprinkles are multicolored and are just the teeny tiniest penises you've ever seen! At least, we hope so. Whoever made these must have known that size doesn't matter, though, because they are packed with flavor and sexy fun.

    This package of Penis Cake Sprinkles is definitely enough to penis-ify a standard sized cake, batch of cupcakes, or quite a few bowls of ice cream. Yes, we said penis-ify. And when you get these sprinkles and break them out at your party, we have a feeling you'll be saying it too. Your party guests will love these on any dessert!

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