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Willie Nametags - 10 pack
Willie Nametags - 10 pack   
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Willie Nametags - 10 pack    Willie Nametags - 10 pack    Willie Nametags - 10 pack    Willie Nametags - 10 pack    
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The Willie Nametags are by far our silliest nametags. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at
  • Pink nametags in different penis shapes and sizes
  • Each sheet has 10 nametags

  • These fun, Willie-shaped nametags are great for bachelorette parties, Over the Hill Parties, and Birthday Parties (past a certain age, of course). Really, they're good for any occasion where penis-shaped nametags would be appropriate. Which is a lot more occasions than you might think.

    When you pass these out, you may have to remind everyone what their name is. Otherwise you might wind up with a bunch of girls all wearing name tags that say "Willie" or "Peter." Your guests will love these, whether they write their own name on them or not. But please, try not to fight over them, there's plenty for everyone.

    Instead of fighting over them, how about playing a little game? Everyone secretly writes down what they believe to be the length of the Groom's Willie in inches! The Bachelorette has to reveal the true size, and whoever is closest, without going over, gets to pass out all of the namebadges to whomever she chooses! If she guesses the length exactly right, it just has to be a coincidence, doesn't it?! If there is a tie, each winner picks her namebadge, and then they pass out the leftovers.

    Now, how is that for an organized group activity?

    Each sheet has 10 name tags.

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