Liquored Up Pecker Party Squirt Bottle

Pecker Party Squirt Bottle
Pecker Party Squirt Bottle  
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Pecker Party Squirt Bottle   
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Serving alcohol through the Pecker Party Squirt Bottle makes getting drunk at your bachelorette party even more fun than it already is!
  • Spray and stream settings
  • Holds 10 oz of liquid
  • Transparent window on back

  • When was the last time you actively wanted something squirting out of a penis to go in your mouth? Probably never, right? Sure, sometimes itís an inevitable consequence of sex that you just have to deal with if you want to get laid. But letís just say you certainly wouldnít ask for more after it happens.

    Well, all thatís about to change thanks to the Pecker Party Squirt Bottle. You wonít be able to get enough of whatís squirting out of this penis - because instead of that normal grossness, itís delicious, delicious alcohol! This dick-shaped spray bottle comes with a twist-off cap for easy filling, a multi-function nozzle that lets you squirt a straight stream or spray a mist, and an attached carabiner so you can take it with you wherever you go. It also has a see-through window on the back with cute graphics to help you gauge how much of this slick dickís liquid youíve guzzled. Not that youíll be able to keep this precious fluid to yourself - every girl at the partyís going to be clamoring for a shot of whatís inside!

    Holds 10 oz. of liquid.

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