Peckerheads Sour Candies

Pecker Heads Sour Candies
Pecker Heads Sour Candies  
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Pecker Heads Sour Candies   
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The Pecker Heads Sour Candies give you just the tip. Plan the perfect bachelorette party with help from the experts at
  • Pecker Heads Sour Candies
  • 20 per bag

  • The Pecker Heads Sour Candies give a whole new meaning to the term "just the tip." The Pecker Heads give you just the head of the penis, for those times when you're not feeling especially greedy. After all, sometimes you just want a taste of the penis, not the whole thing.

    We like the Pecker Heads Candies because they don't look like penises. The bag has a cute cartoon penis, but the actual candy is a bit more demure.

    The Pecker Heads Candies are super sour! They come in bodacious black cherry, passion apple, blue ball raspberry, and wet watermelon flavors. Have a contest and see how many the bachelorette and party guests can put in their mouths without drooling or tearing up.

    About 20 Pecker Heads per bag.

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