Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray
Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray  
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Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray   Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray   
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The Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray is easy to use and makes classy diamond ice cubes.
  • Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray
  • Makes 12 diamond ice cubes

  • The Silicone Diamond Ice Cube Tray is an ice cube tray that makes twelve diamond-shaped ice cubes! If your bachelorette didn't get the 10 carat ring she wanted, the Diamond Ice Cubes this tray makes can help make up for that.

    The Diamond Ice Cube Tray makes round, square, heart-shaped and teardrop diamonds. Every guest at the party will see her favorite cut. We can't guarantee the clarity of these diamonds, though ... you're going to have to use purified water if you want perfect diamonds.

    The Diamond Ice Cube Tray is made from silicone, so the ice cubes are super easy to pop out! Put them in water, soda, or clear mixed drinks for dazzling effects. Make them with food coloring to make your drinks even more festive.

    One tray makes 12 ice cubes.

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