Sex Position Toilet Paper

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Naughty Toilet Paper   
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Naughty Toilet Paper    Naughty Toilet Paper    Naughty Toilet Paper    Naughty Toilet Paper    
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Your guest will find Naughty Toilet Paper hilarious. Plan a dynamite bachelorette party with
  • Naughty Toilet Paper
  • A toilet paper that will shock and amuse your guests
  • Hang it in your bathroom for all night surprises!

  • Here is a little secret: at every bachelorette party I attend, I bring a roll of Naughty Toilet Paper. I do this because I know that every woman in the room will see it at some point and that it will catch her by surprise. I just bring this toilet paper, which has pictures of naked people doing the things that naked people do on it, and install it in the bathroom. It's a simple gag that works every single time.

    I think Naughty Toilet Paper is one of the best, well-thought-out party decorations you can have. I give it my highest recommendation. If you're a prankster like me, you shouldn't be caught dead at a bachelorette party without it. This is the only gift you will need to bring, because it is one that everyone can—and will—enjoy. No offense to the host, but when people learn that you contributed this gem, they will think you're a better party decorator than her.

    Of course, if you are the host, you can pre-empt this by ordering a roll yourself. If the pecker centerpiece and the giant inflatable penis in the corner don't impress your guests enough, after one trip to the bathroom, no one will question your skills as a party planner and decorator. Just be prepared: some of your guests might go into the bathroom and not come out for a long time. But don't worry. It's probably just because they're laughing at this too hard to stand up from the toilet.

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