The Naughty Purse - Includes 20 Dirty Vouchers for Fun at the Bar!

The Naughty Purse Dare Vouchers - Clearance!
The Naughty Purse Dare Vouchers - Clearance!  
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The Naughty Purse Dare Vouchers - Clearance!   The Naughty Purse Dare Vouchers - Clearance!   The Naughty Purse Dare Vouchers - Clearance!   
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The Bachelorette Naughty Purse features vouchers that cause crazy interactions between men and your crew at the bar. Get them from, where we like strumpets.
  • The Bachelorette Naughty Purse
  • Vouchers for desperately sexual behavior

  • The Bachelorette Naughty Purse is skanky. Sorry, I just don't have any other word for it. Slutty, maybe? Made for complete and total strumpets? It includes dares befitting of only the most daring and crazy of bachelorette party guests. A few examples of dares from the Naughty Purse:

    • Buy my friends a blow job shot and we will appoint someone to simulate the real thing on you.
    • Good for one lap dance if you tip me heavily with dollars.
    • Talk incredibly dirty to me and I'll call you a naughty boy and spank your bottom.

    The Bachelorette Naughty Purse does not come with roofies, but that's okay, because the men you approach to help you complete these dares probably will.

    20 Naughty Vouchers.

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