Make Up The Bride Game

Make Up The Bride Game  
The Bachelorette Makeover

Blindfold your cosmetologist and see what happens!

  • Make Up the bride
  • Fun and easy to play
  • Make Up The Bride Game
    Supplies Needed:
    • Really bad makeup—lots of bright, obnoxious colors. Ask your guests to bring some!
    • A blindfold
    • Makeup remover

    Have the bachelorette sit in the middle of the room. Ask for two volunteers, and have them act as her cosmetologist and her cosmetologist's assistant. Blindfold the cosmetologist. Now have the assistant pick out lipstick, blush and eye shadow for the cosmetologist to apply to the bride-to-be.

    Encourage others to suggest colors that will look great on the bachelorette. Then, the bride-to-be and make-up artists can pose for a photo. Don't provide the bride with a mirror until after that photo is taken. Be sure to get a close up on the bride's face! It will probably resemble a badly made Bratz doll. You will want to have some make up removers available for the bachelorette to use, maybe even before she looks in the mirror.

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