The Little Big Penis Book

The Little Big Penis Book
The Little Big Penis Book  
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The Little Big Penis Book   
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This book makes a great gag gift for a Bachelorette who likes a little raunchiness. has tons of great gag gifts like this and more.
  • The Little Big Penis Book
  • Features lots and lots of pictures of big dicks
  • 490 pages

  • New, from the publishers of The Little Book of Big Penis , comes the next mega-dick mega-hit: The Little Big Penis Book. It may sound like almost the same book, but this sequel is fresh, all-new, and makes the original look downright tiny in comparison. Frankly, we’re not sure why they even bothered to keep the word “little” in the title this time around, because there’s absolutely nothing little about this. Not only are the schlongs huge, but the book itself is massive, clocking in (or cocking in) at nearly 500 pages of monstrous manhoods.

    Give your Bachelorette the gift every Bride-to-Be truly wants, whether she admits it to her husband or not: an army of gigantic penises to do with as she pleases. Not only is The Little Big Penis Book stuffed full of more than 400 pictures of prodigious peckers and stupendous sausages, it also features extensive interviewers with the photographers and biographies of all the models. You know, in case she wants to try out that same excuse guys have been using for decades with Playboy and “read it for the interviews.” Yeah, right.

    Hardcover. 490 pages.

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