Light Up Engagement Rings

Light Up Bling Rings - 6
Light Up Bling Rings - 6  
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Light Up Bling Rings - 6   
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The Light Up Bling Rings are the engagement rings you've been dreaming about since you were a little girl! Plan the perfect bachelorette party at
  • Light Up Bling Rings
  • 6 piece party favor set
  • Rings for your bachelorette and wedding party

  • The Light Up Bling Rings are way cooler than any real engagement ring your bride-to-be might be flossing. Why's that? Well, let's list the reasons, shall we?

    For one thing, the Light Up Bling Rings are huge. These babies are at least five carats of durable pink plastic. They put whatever ring her man worked all that overtime to buy for her to shame. Sorry, groom. Just remember that every night except the night of her bachelorette party, size doesn't matter!

    Not only are these rings ginormous, but they light up! Can your bachelorette's ring do that? When's the last time you heard of a diamond helping you find someone in the dark?

    And last but not least, maybe the biggest advantage these have over her engagement ring: there's six of them! So you won't have to worry about the bridesmaids feeling ring-envy all night long. This way, everybody can take part in the celebration and wear these rings with pride to show that they're with the bachelorette and they're ready to party!

    Make your bachelorette and party guests feel like queens for the day with the Light Up Bling Rings. They're adjustable, so everyone can wear one.

    6 rings per package.

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