Bachelorette's Last Ride - Brown Studly Stallion

Bachelorette's Last Ride - Brown
Bachelorette's Last Ride - Brown  
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Bachelorette's Last Ride - Brown   Bachelorette's Last Ride - Brown   
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Bachelorette's Last Ride is a hilarious bar challenge game that comes with one of the best party accessories we've ever seen - the Studly Stallion! This version includes a brown Studly Stallion.
  • Penis-shaped hobbyhorse with an included game
  • Made of soft plush
  • 25 Challenges

  • So, the bachelorette considers herself an expert at the penile rodeo, eh? A master wang wrangler, a cowgirl of cock? Well then, it’s time for her to put her skills to one final test with Bachelorette’s Last Ride.

    Bachelorette’s Last Ride is a scavenger hunt-type of bar game, where girls will take turns going around the bar trying to complete 25 different challenges and earning points for those they complete. But what sets it apart from other scavenger hunt games is that most of these challenges involve the Studly Stallion. What’s a Studly Stallion? Well, if you’re at all familiar with the kind of wacky hijinks bachelorette parties are known for, you probably guessed it: it’s a hobbyhorse that looks like a cartoonishly big dick.

    In many of these challenges, you’ll ride the Studly Stallion around the bar, doing everything from retrieving fruit garnishes from the bar with your teeth to lassoing a lucky cowboy with your panties. There’s no telling what kind of adventures the Studly Stallion will take you on, but one thing’s for sure: by the end of the night, you’ll know who the master wang wrangler is, alright. Ride ‘em, cowgirl!

    Bachelorette’s Last Ride is available in two versions, with a pink or brown Studly Stallion. This is the brown version. Click here for the pink.

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