Giant-Sized Pecker-Shaped Confetti

Jumbo Pecker Confetti
Jumbo Pecker Confetti  
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Jumbo Pecker Confetti   Jumbo Pecker Confetti   
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Jumbo Pecker Confetti is a hilarious addition to any bachelorette party, whether you use it to decorate or shower your guests with it! It's so big, cleanup won't be messy at all!
  • Shiny and multicolored
  • 20 grams of confetti
  • 1.5 inch long pieces

  • It goes without saying that penis confetti is pretty funny, and a great addition to any bachelorette party. Itís never not hilarious watching someone try to pick it out of their hair or the carpet once it goes flying everywhere. But you know whatís even better than pecker confetti? Jumbo Pecker Confetti. Because size matters, after all.

    You may be thinking, but the best part of confetti is how hard it is to clean up, and if itís jumbo-sized doesnít that defeat the whole purpose? Not at all! We have conducted very scientific studies, throwing piles of this Jumbo Pecker Confetti up in the air, and found that if you really try, you can make it as annoying to clean up as the smaller varieties. Or, you can arrange it so itís much easier to clean up than normal, if you reeeally want it to be. Itís the best of both worlds!

    Jumbo Pecker Confetti is a super versatile party decoration - you can sprinkle it on the table at the party, dump some in the invitations or goodie bags, and more. Each package contains an assortment of light pink, hot pink, blue, and glittery silver peckers to create a festive and colorful look. The bachelorette and all the guests will find this confetti absolutely hilarious and have a great time spreading it around at the bachelorette party.

    Contains 20 grams of confetti. Each piece is approximately 1.5 inches long.

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