Jolly Rider Novelty Vibrator

Jolly Rider
Jolly Rider  
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Jolly Rider   Jolly Rider   Jolly Rider   
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The Jolly Rider is a hilarious novelty vibrator that makes a great gag gift for the Bachelorette. is your one-stop-shop for Bachelorette party supplies.
  • Packaging mimics a popular candy
  • Smooth, hard plastic
  • Takes 1 AA Battery

  • If youíre at all familiar with ancient Asian and South American folk tales or late-2000s horror-comedy films (and really, who isnít familiar with one of the two?), youíve probably heard of the vagina dentata. If youíre not familiar, itís a legend about a vagina with teeth in it. Well, when we learned about that, the first thing we wondered was, would it be possible for vagina dentata to have a sweet tooth? And now, I guess weíve got our answer: it must be, because why else would a product like this exist?

    The Jolly Rider Vibrator is a cute pink 5-inch-long vibrator thatís sure to satisfy your vaginaís sweet tooth, whether itís got actual teeth or not. This fun little vibe makes a perfect gag gift for the bachelorette - sheíll have no idea what to expect until she opens it up, and then she wonít know how she didnít expect it! Itís sure to elicit a great laugh at the party, and might just elicit some other positive emotions from her later on.

    The Jolly Rider Vibrator is made of smooth, hard plastic and takes 1 AA battery (not included). It vibrates at fairly strong speeds with a fairly loud sound level, and comes in a pink ďJolly RiderĒ carrying case.

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