The Inflatable Hunk may be small, but he sure is hunky!

Inflatable Hunk Doll
Inflatable Hunk Doll  
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Inflatable Hunk Doll   
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Need to add a little man meat to your bachelorette party? Why not try the Inflatable Hunk, one of our most popular inflatable dolls at
  • Inflatable Hunk Doll
  • Stands 20 inches tall
  • Easy to inflate

  • So, your bachelorette told you she wants you to invite some hunks to the bachelorette party. Thatís a little worrying. Sure, maybe she just wants to ogle some abs before sheís stuck looking at her husbandís beer belly forever. But youíre not so sure thatís all there is to it...

    Better be on the safe side and get her a hunk she canít do anything more with than ogle. In fact, she might have some trouble even doing that, since heís wearing a white tank top and black pants, covering up all the naughtiest bits. But, on the other hand, his abs are so well-defined that you can see them clearly even through the tank top. Itís almost like they were drawn on with a marker, or something.

    If that sounds like what youíre looking for, then The Inflatable Hunk is your man. Never mind the fact that heís less than two feet tall. Or his terrifying, nightmare-fueling smile and soulless blue eyes. Just look at those abs. This guy is a total hunk. This is definitely what the bachelorette had in mind, and sheís sure to thank you for catering to her tastes so accurately. And all the other guests are sure to thank you for providing the hilarious time youíre undoubtedly going to have passing around and playing with these hand-held hunk of miniature man meat.

    One inflatable hunk doll. Measures 14.25 inches across by 20 inches tall when inflated.

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