Pink Whistle Necklace

Hottie Whistle Necklace
Hottie Whistle Necklace   
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Hottie Whistle Necklace    Hottie Whistle Necklace    Hottie Whistle Necklace    
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Stay on the prowl with the Hottie Whistle Necklace. Give the bride-to-be a girls night out she'll never forget with help from
  • Hottie Whistle Necklace
  • A metallic pink whistle and beads
  • Point out all the cute boys you find!

  • With this hot pink, metallic Hottie Whistle, you and the girls can instantly alert each other every time a Hottie is sighted! This will keep you all aware of their locations, so you can plan your route through the bar accordingly.

    The Hottie Whistle should never be used for false alarms. Don't get too drunk and start blowing the whistle at every guy that has a nose. It will cause the other girls to come running to see what you've caught, and be very disappointed when they get there. Behavior like this may explain why your bra ends up in the freezer later!

    Come to think of it, you might not want to let the bachelorette in on the secret of what this whistle is for. If she participated in the game, all the hotties would see her in her fabulous tiara and sash and might ignore everyone else. Won't it just make it more fun, anyways, to see the look of confusion on her face every time one of you blows your whistle?

    The Whistle conveniently hangs from a metallic pink beaded necklace, so you and the girls can get as drunk as you want and never end up losing it. Have a great Bachelorette Party!

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