Hot Pink Boa

Feather Boa - Hot Pink
Feather Boa - Hot Pink   
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Bachelorette: $5.99
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Feather Boa - Hot Pink    Feather Boa - Hot Pink    Feather Boa - Hot Pink    
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The Hot Pink Feather Boa looks great with casual gear and dressy clothes! Plan the perfect bachelorette party with help from
  • Dancing is more fun with a feather boa.
  • This one is hot pink. A great party color.

  • For months we had wanted to carry a feather boa. Then someone suggested the idea to us to get this one and we thought it was a good one. Boy, were we right. We couldn't have picked a better boa. And trust us, there's a bigger selection out there than you might think. In fact, we experienced some difficulty before we finally found the perfect one.

    We started by ordering some in. We ordered a whole case of boas that turned out to be terrible. They were all scrawny and sickly looking. Definitely not something that any bachelorette or bridesmaid would want to be caught dead wearing on their special night out.

    Next we shopped for a nicer one, but they were all too expensive. Finally, after a much more drawn-out struggle than we ever could have imagined, eventually we found this one. And it's perfect. It is thick, soft, and nice to the touch. Plus it looks great and comes in a foxy hot pink color. It is the best boa this price can buy. Perfect for the discerning bachelorette on a budget. We are happy to have undergone the arduous process knowing that now there's no way you won't be satisfied with the fruits of our labors. Buy one for your bachelorette (or yourself!), and you'll see what we mean.

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