A Classy White Veil and Headband

Hen Night Veil and Headband
Hen Night Veil and Headband  
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Hen Night Veil and Headband   
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The Hen Night Veil and Headband is a voluminous and high-quality veil. Bachelorette.com is happy to provide everything you need to make your bachelorette look classy at her party.
  • Hen Night Veil and Headband
  • Elegant white
  • Fits any head size

  • Look, there on the bacheloretteís head! Itís a veil! Itís a headband! Itís the Hen Night Veil Headband!

    The Hen Night Veil Headband combines the sturdy utility of a headband with the majestic grace of a veil to create the only piece of headwear your bride-to-be will need or want to wear on her big night out. It features bunches and bunches of tulle on top of the headband for a cute and fun look, with over a foot of tulle stretching out elegantly behind it.

    The bachelorette will love how she looks in this high-quality veil and headband, and itís sure to impress passerby while youíre out on the town for the bachelorette party. Veil headbands are a great accessory for putting everyone in that cheerful matrimonial spirit at the bachelorette party, and the Hen Night Veil Headband is a great one. The only situation we can think of where your bachelorette might not want to wear it is if sheís protecting a secret identity, because itís sure to attract a lot of attention!

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