Hen Night Badge Sheet

Hen Night Badge Set
Hen Night Badge Set  
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Hen Night Badge Set   
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The Hen Night Badge Set is a fun set of badges from Bachelorette.com that everyone at your bachelorette party can wear to identify themselves at the party.
  • Badges for the whole party
  • Fun titles like "Disco Diva" and "Cheeky Devil"
  • Special large badge for the Bride to Be

  • If you’re going out as a group of girls, for pretty much any reason - whether you’re robbing a bank, conning a casino, or throwing a bachelorette party - it’s important to have your identities straight. Not just your names, but your roles in the group. Who’s the Chief Bridesmaid, and who’s the Dancing Queen? This is very important to establish.

    If, heaven forbid, you should get pulled over while you’re driving to or from the bar, you know what the first question the cop is going to ask you is? “Alright, ma’am, which one of you is the Cheeky Devil?” If you ask us, that’s some kind of profiling, to automatically assume the Cheeky Devil is the one guilty of wrongdoing. But a world where law enforcement makes those presumptions is just the kind of world we live in, I suppose.

    Well, with the Hen Night Badge Set, you’ll never have to worry about any kind of confusion on that front. Your firmly-established identities will be pinned to your shirts, sashes or hats all night long. Even if you all get so drunk you can’t remember your own names, much less each other’s, these handy badges will be there to remind everyone of who’s who. From the Disco Diva to the Sexy Chick, this badge set has something for everyone who’ll be attending your party. The Bride to Be even gets an especially large badge, to help distinguish her even further from the rest of her group. Good thing, too - you wouldn’t want any guys at the bar to get her confused with the Flirt Alert!

    Comes with 8 badges.

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