Heart Gemstone Tiara

Heart Gem Tiara - Clearance!
Heart Gem Tiara - Clearance!  
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Heart Gem Tiara - Clearance!   Heart Gem Tiara - Clearance!   Heart Gem Tiara - Clearance!   Heart Gem Tiara - Clearance!   
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Turn your bachelorette into a princess with the Heart Gem Tiara. Have Bachelorette.com deliver your order right to your door with our private shipping methods.
  • The Heart Gem Tiara
  • Silver and pink

  • Dress up your princess for a day with the Heart Tiara. This inexpensive tiara is perfect for your sweet bachelorette. Or your not-so-sweet bachelorette - any girl would feel sweeter wearing this! This might just be the perfect gift to placate a bridezilla on her night out, and it's a good way to remind her she's a princess so that you don't have to constantly say it.

    The Heart Gem Tiara is silver and dotted with pink gems. The Heart Tiara features one big pink heart in the center. It has an elegant and classy style, but it is also spunky and fun. It will look great on your bachelorette's head!

    The Pink Heart Tiara stays in place well, which is a lot more than we can say for some tiaras. This tiara's design also ensured that it will look awesome with anything the bride-to-be chooses to wear.

    1 Tiara per package.

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