The World-Famous Gigglestick Activity Book

Gigglestick Activity Book
Gigglestick Activity Book  
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Gigglestick Activity Book   Gigglestick Activity Book   
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The Gigglestick Activity Book is a coloring/activity book that's all about gigglesticks. It makes a perfect activity and conversation starter for your bachelorette party; no one will be able to stop laughing!
  • Coloring pages, crosswords, word searches and more
  • More gigglesticks than you've ever seen before
  • 28 pages

  • The Gigglestick Activity Book is the worldís premier coloring and activity book dedicated exclusively to gigglesticks. Sure, there might be other activity books that include a gigglestick or two here and there, but the Gigglestick Activity Book is the only activity book thatís all about gigglesticks, with a gigglestick on every single page.

    ... What? You donít know what a gigglestick is? Oh, come on, you know. The bologna pony. The jumble-giblets. The fandangled mandangler.

    Yeah, you got it: itís a penis. Itís a coloring book full of penises. What could be a better activity for a bachelorette party? The Gigglestick Activity Book has nearly 30 pages of fun and hilarious dick-themed activities, from crossword puzzles and word searches to coloring pages featuring goofy-looking cartoon guys with heavily exaggerated gigglesticks. The coloring pages have some pretty groan-worthy puns, too, for even more giggles. For example: ďColor in Fisherman Fred! Heís a master baiter.Ē Your guests wonít be able to stop giggling at this gaggle of gigglesticks.

    Paperback, 28 pages.

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