Sparkling Pink Gettin' Hitched Sash

Sparkling Pink Gettin' Hitched Sash
Sparkling Pink Gettin' Hitched Sash  
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Sparkling Pink Gettin' Hitched Sash   
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The Sparkling Pink Gettin' Hitched Sash is the perfect accessory for your classy country bachelorette to show she's a cowgirl and a princess!
  • Sparkling pink with silver sequins
  • Nearly 6 feet long
  • Safety pin included

  • Hey, here’s a riddle for you: what do you get when you cross a cowgirl with a princess?

    Answer: the bride-to-be, of course!

    Can’t decide between playing up your girlfriend’s country-western side or making her feel like a princess for her big night out? Do both with the Sparkling Pink Gettin’ Hitched Sash! This beautiful white sash is outlined in pink sequins and uses glittery pink lettering which is sure to make her feel elegant and royal. But don’t worry, it won’t make anyone think she’s just a pampered princess - it also says “Gettin’ Hitched” and features a pair of cute cowgirl boots, so everyone will know she’s a country girl who can get rough and rowdy, too!

    The Sparkling Pink Gettin’ Hitched Sash is nearly 6 feet long, and can be adjusted to fit bachelorettes of any size. It also comes with a safety pin, so you can more easily attach the sash to your clothing.

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