Fundies Underwear

FaveFundies - Underwear for Two
Fundies - Underwear for Two  
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Fundies - Underwear for Two   
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Have a four legged race with Fundies, or give them as a gift. Buy Fundies from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc."
  • Fundies Underwear for Two
  • A pair of white underwear with red trim
  • Four leg holes for two people

  • Fundies are underwear built for two people. How does that work? Well, as you can see from the photos above, Fundies have four leg holes. Go ahead and try them on... just be sure to invite a friend!

    Two person underwear make a great gag gift and might be the only one the bachelorette will actually use after the party. She will think this is absolutely hilarious, and she might make jokes about it not being very practical and not knowing when she would use them. Just know that this is a ruse. Secretly, she will be thinking that this is the most useful gift she's gotten in years.

    You could also get Fundies for your bachelorette party and play a game with them. Pair people up and see who can get the Fundies on first without using their hands. Make sure you and your party guests have had a few drinks first... you know, to add to the challenge level of the competition.

    Fundies are also great fun for a potato sack type race. Pair off your guests and get each team to don a pair of Fundies. Hand out prizes to those who reach the finish line first!

    You know, for something as random as a pair of underwear with two leg holes, there really are a lot of uses for these. We can think of plenty more... but those probably wouldn't be appropriate for the party!

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