Fuck Napkins

Dirty Napkins - 8
Dirty Napkins - 8  
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Dirty Napkins - 8   Dirty Napkins - 8   Dirty Napkins - 8   Dirty Napkins - 8   
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The Dirty Cocktail Napkins are white and say "fuck" all over in silly fonts. Perfect for your wild bachelorette!
  • Dirty Napkins
  • Say "fuck" all over
  • 8 napkins

  • Does your bachelorette swear a lot? Like, all of the time? One of those broads who can't make it through a sentence without inserting an obscenity that would make a nun go up in flames? Well, we've got the place settings for her rollicking bachelorette party!

    The Dirty Napkins say "Fuck all over them, in all kinds of fonts and colors. These silly napkins are tons of fun and are a hit at all kinds of bachelorette parties. Whether you're serving finger foods, pizza, or dinner, use these Fuck Napkins to help the bachelorette clean up her dirty mouth.

    8 napkins.

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