Endurance Flavored Condoms

Flavored Condoms - 3
Flavored Condoms - 3  
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Flavored Condoms - 3   Flavored Condoms - 3   Flavored Condoms - 3   Flavored Condoms - 3   
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The flavored condoms make good party favors. You can put them in a pinata or use them in creative games. Get great party ideas at Bachelorette.com.
  • Flavored condoms
  • 3 condoms
  • Perfect as party favors or to play games with

  • You know what I've been wishing for the past 10 years? That penises came in vanilla, spearmint and strawberry flavors. Really. I've been throwing vanilla, spearmint and strawberry flavored pennies into every well I can find. And now, finally, that wish has almost come true, with these Flavored Condoms.

    Most flavored condoms come in packs of all the same flavor. Which is fine if it's a flavor you know you like, but if you try it once and discover you hate the taste, then you're stuck with a dozen useless condoms. This way, you can try out a few different things. Or you can hand them out to ensure everyone gets their favorite flavor.

    Get the flavored condoms as party favors for your bachelorette party guests, to fill you pinata, or to play fun games like "Who can roll the condom down the banana with their mouths the fastest?" Didn't know that was a game? Neither did I. But it sounds like a perfect activity for a raunchy bachelorette party, and these look like the perfect condoms for it!

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